Is This Change You Can Believe In?

Before we welcome in the Bruce Allen era, let’s take one last look at the dung Vinny left, that’s being swept under the rug. I have some questions.

Is Vinny getting paid? They wanted Zorn to resign so badly, they hired Sherm Lewis to humiliate him so they wouldn’t have to pay Zorn. Now here comes Vinny with three games left in the season, and resigns. Why would he do that before the season’s out? Does that mean it was voluntary on his part? Which means he left a bunch of money sitting on the table? Why would he do that when he’s saying this team is in great shape? Why do you walk away from a job that’s not completed yet and according to you, not your fault it’s in a no-play-off situation? Is Vinny a quitter? Then you find out that supposedly VC is sticking around as an advisor, and he’s still a friend. Does that mean he still gets to sit in the owner’s box? Or has he been booted out of there? Is this effective immediately, pack your bags, get out of here?

Bruce Allen. I’ve been around him a couple of times. He’s a good guy and has a great sense of humor. As far as the power structure between him and his boss, I have no idea what that’s going to be. But that’s the key element here. I would caution folks, that if the addition of GM to his title is somehow to make us think, this is a new and improved Washington football team, there is no proof of this and only time will tell. It’s just two words. There’s been a change in personnel.

As long as Snyder is still in the mix, nothing’s changed. But if Snyder has recused himself of “being in chambers” then there’s reason to celebrate. We have no answers to that question yet. You’ll know soon enough when Bruce Allen hops on Redskin One to “scout that next guy.” If Bruce Allen is the guy with the hammer, then he says, “Mr. Snyder, what are you doing on the plane? I think you’re on the wrong flight sir. Your flight leaves in an hour. This plane is going to South Bend. Your plane is going to Dubai. As in Goodbye.” If instead, he says, “Mr. Snyder, you’re ten minutes early.” Then we know, “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” “The more it changes the more it stays the same.”

As far as the “heart” of the matter goes regarding the owner. It’s like this: Is he guilty until proven innocent? Or is he innocent until proven guilty? Five will get you ten, it’s the former.


  1. Couldn't agree more. They could hire the best football minds in the business and yet if Danny is making the choices it'd be moot.

    He's the true cancer in this orgainization. Until he realizes that we're going to be a joke.

    I miss the days of you running behind our amazing line. Things were so much simplier then.

  2. I don't go as far as you. Look, even under Jack Kent Cooke, major decisions were brought to him for his final blessing. Ultimately, for major decisions, Dan Snyder will make the final thumbs up or down. You need Bruce Allen, though to run everything else. If Snyder goes on scouting trips, that's a problem. If he demands mid season changes, that's an issue.

  3. JKC just wanted to be communicated too. He never interfered with the football people. Snyder thinks he's playing fantasy football, where there are no offensive linemen.

  4. The saying "Time will tell" I guess really applies here, however, history has a habit of repeating itself. I am on a limb here as I may state DS may be maturing as an owner. Hey, he has got to be feeling the fans, VC is the sacrificial lamb. Perhaps blaming him will win a few fans his way- ONLY IF he allows the Mr. Allen do what he does best. Can we say Danny is growing up as an owner yet? ....time will tell. I like the kid from Stanford- Toby G. reminds me of Riggo, big, strong and intelligent. We need more like him- go west Mr. Allen, go west and pick this kid up.

  5. The hiring of Bruce Allen is like taking a pain killer, it's only temporary til next year. This only stops the bleeding. Dan Snyder is the real problem with the Redskins. The day that our team starts playing "Redskin Fooball" is not coming!!!! Redskins football is not coming back. Don't believe me, just ask Joe Gibbs! Told you!!!!Dan Snyder does not fool me for one single minute. When will you people learn? Shit! I honestly believe that Dan Snyder has purposely ruined our team. Why did Vinny quit? Because he is the fall guy for Dan Snyder. Dan Snyder always goes after the "flavor of the month" i.e. Bruce Smith, Deon Sanders, Albert Haynesworth, etc... He even tried this tactic with coaches such as hiring Joe Gibbs. Well guess what? None of it worked and it will not work with Bruce Allen. As long as Dan Snyder is involved.

  6. It would be nice to think that Danny would let others make decisions, etc, however, he has a toxic personality & I just don't see anything positive happening as long as he owns the team. C'mon Riggo! Buy the team!

  7. Snyder has narcisstic personality disorder. As long as he is the owner, the Redskins will suck.


  8. Some of these comments are very true. But,I still think Coach Gibbs came back to the Redskins not for team reasons but to try and fix the money boy...It didn't work...Until DS steps back and just counts his money,this team will suffer...example...J.Jones(Cowgirls),A.Davis(Raiders).etc....By the way he makes profit if we win or lose...seen any empty seats...We still support this team....I guess always will...take care JR..Happy Holidays

  9. If only Danny Boy would fire himself...

  10. Do you really think that the Redskins could get a coach like Mike Shanahan with Daniel Snyder still making decisions? I don't think so. The only way the Redskins get a decent head coach is for Dan to step aside from the decision making. I'll take the wait an see approach but I'm thinking that Bruce Allen and the new Head Coach will be making the overall decisions.

  11. Daniel Snicker

    Daniel Snyder claimed to have a waiting list for season tickets of over 135,000 but then we get the hard sell to try and get us to take season tickets. Why is that necessary if there is such a waiting list and why worry about suing a season ticket holder if you have such a list. Truth is Danny Boy with his avaricious tendancies have alienated so many fans that they are happy to watch it on the TV rather than line his pockets. Going to the game used to be fun, now it's an ordeal and a very expensive ordeal at that. $30 to park your car and then be crushed like a sardine to get to the game. If its a night game its halfway through the night before you get home. You need a mortgage to get drunk, and a second mortgage if you are going to take food.

    Snyder makes decisions based upon the balance sheet rather than building a true team. We have been playing without the prima donnas these last three weeks and i have seen signs of unity, playing as a team with a common purpose. Vinny Cerrato was a joke, a buffoon playing the part of the monkey but the organ grinder is still there.

    This new guy Allen didn't achieve that much at Tampa, for christ sake him and Gruden inherited Tony Dungy's team. Allen wasn't even there when Tampa won the Superbowl. He is not the messiah, just look at Tampa's results. How many quarterbacks did Gruden accumulate, I think there were 5 or 6 at one time. All has beens or wannabees and the team just disinegrated after the defense co-ordinator left.

    We already have a better team than Tampa now so I dont expect miracles from the brother of Macaca Allen.

    We need someone to stand up to Boy Wonder. Let him play on his bankrupt rides at 6 flags and leave the football work to a real general Manager.
    There is a golden rule, he who holds the gold makes the rules. Snyder makes the rules and the REDSKINS will never be any good whilst he is in the chair.

    The guy has had a charisma by pass operation and couldn't motivate a booze up at a brewery. Dumb has gone Dumber remains what a Bummer.