The Diesel's crew grows by two......

As Jack Nicholson said in the movie "Batman", while playing the role of the Joker, "Wait 'til they get a load of me". Actually, for our purpose it's get a load of us, because we feel we have chosen wisely in determining, who the rest of the cast is going to be. So, let's get to who's who.

My cohost has been a fixture in the Washington D.C. sports scene for the last decade. We found during the auditions; Lou Holder is man of depth and passion, and also, he has a genuine sense of humor. We are pleased and honored to announce his participation.

Our producer and torpedo op. will be Kevin Stanfield, another local broadcast veteran. Kevin has worked for XM radio in various roles and, of course most of you will recognize the name from his contributions to the Tony Kornheiser Show.

I'm confident I speak for all of us, when I say, we couldn't be more excited for this launch in the next couple of weeks, if we were working at Cape Canaveral. To a man, and this includes Tod Castleberry my co-creator and former Program Director of WTEM & Red Zebra, our goal is to entertain and inform. We're working on a "multi-media experience" not just a radio show, and the center of our solar system will be the internet. We are constructing a kaleidoscope of entertainment options that will always be there when you need and want them.


All Aboard!

As most of you are aware our new show is in the process of coming to life in a month or less. We have been auditioning talent and I can say, if we had to go on the air tomorrow you, would not be disappointed. Of all the people we've had sit in for the auditions, everyone has added something.

I don't know if any of you remember that old motor oil commercial about pay me now or pay me later. But, that's a pretty good way to look at our new medium, HD Radio. It's coming and you can get on board now and spend the $50 or $60* to get your HD radio or, of course, you can wait. Even without an HD radio there will be plenty of options to hear our show, which include live streaming, podcasts, smart phone apps., and so on. The point is don't let anybody con you, if you want to hear our show, you will be able to hear our show.

So, there is indeed a train a coming, it's me, the Diesel. We will post the track, time and date, when it's a go. Reserve a seat now.

*It's a one time equipment upgrade, and then sit back and let Il Riggo roll!