The Diesel's crew grows by two......

As Jack Nicholson said in the movie "Batman", while playing the role of the Joker, "Wait 'til they get a load of me". Actually, for our purpose it's get a load of us, because we feel we have chosen wisely in determining, who the rest of the cast is going to be. So, let's get to who's who.

My cohost has been a fixture in the Washington D.C. sports scene for the last decade. We found during the auditions; Lou Holder is man of depth and passion, and also, he has a genuine sense of humor. We are pleased and honored to announce his participation.

Our producer and torpedo op. will be Kevin Stanfield, another local broadcast veteran. Kevin has worked for XM radio in various roles and, of course most of you will recognize the name from his contributions to the Tony Kornheiser Show.

I'm confident I speak for all of us, when I say, we couldn't be more excited for this launch in the next couple of weeks, if we were working at Cape Canaveral. To a man, and this includes Tod Castleberry my co-creator and former Program Director of WTEM & Red Zebra, our goal is to entertain and inform. We're working on a "multi-media experience" not just a radio show, and the center of our solar system will be the internet. We are constructing a kaleidoscope of entertainment options that will always be there when you need and want them.


  1. outstanding big brother John! this is gonna be good.

    as a recent transplant to Oakland (CA. Baby!!), and an ex-supporter of the Washington Football Team- one who feels bad about the train wreck that it's become- i look forward to keeping up with the Shanahan/Allen episode through your channel. the Post blows (what happened to Denlinger?) and i hear the Times is kaput?!

    so you're it my man. and it looks like you're ready. but if you guys find yourselves short one Senior West-Coast Correspondent, please consider this a letter of interest (i've got multi-media skills too). and good luck homes.

    Also, was Butz related to the secretary of Ag?

  2. Grew up in D.C. area and ended up in CA., but I find myself still pulling for the Redskins, despite the abuse I take.I just turned 60 and I still long for the days of the Hogs and the great John Riggins. I met John at a Redskin event and he was very kind and signed a photo I had of when he was with the Jets. I am a school teacher and I always instill a sense of pride in being a team player. Those Redskins with Riggins, was a Team!