Post Game Diesel Fuel: Washington vs. Baltimore

Two down and two to go, as we look at the B&G preseason. My thoughts thus far are; we are watching mediocrity. This is not necessarily a bad thing at this point in time, but after watching the Ravens game Friday night, for me it's an easy conclusion. (Mediocrity may be a generous term actually, see Jets on Friday night.)

Let's start with the Trade. By now everyone should realize, Donny Mac is literally a loose cannon as a passer. What we're seeing now is what we'll be seeing in December. He is by all accounts a step up from Jason, but I don't see him as a miracle worker, unless jersey sales and club seats count. 

He will need all the help he can get from the running game and pass protection. If those items get checked off, he could excel to his Peter Principled position. But, when I heard team super salesman and my former teammate Joe Theismann compare him to Joe Montana, well, either my critiques are correct and I'm crazy, or Joe has a new passion for Purple Drank.

I don't know, if Larry Johnson got a fair shake having to go against the Ravens in a "last chance saloon" audition, but he did not make the most of it. After reviewing most of the first half, he should sue his offensive line and Mike Sellers for non-support. Boy, did they stick it to him, and don't you know the two times they got something done Clinton had the ball. Portis is the back in the opener against Dallas, but he'll only be as good as his last game, so LJ may get some work before it's over. Oh yeah, warm up Willie. Rex and his merry band of miscreants have a little something for him this Friday up in the Big Apple (actually it's the Big Crab Apple, it's Joisey for crying out loud.

Gotta go to work, but there'll be more soon.



  1. Always enjoy reading n listening to you! Im a younger 'skins fan but you usually say what alot of us don't want to. Keep it true! - PAplumber

  2. Good stuff Riggo. As long as we are talking about litigation against the O line, we should pro-rate that back to some time in the early 00's. Poor Campbell never got a chance to see what kind of a QB he could be with all the changes and no protection while learning them. Glad to have McNabb but I wish the best for Jason. Donovan just has that leadership "swagger" that has been so needed for so long.