ISO: Men with the Hearts of Vikings

There are a lot of prize fights that are stopped by the referee, because one fighter is “out on his feet” as the saying goes. This isn’t the fight game and the match cannot be stopped, but this fighter (the Burgundy and Gold) is “out on it’s feet”. Are they ready for the coup de grace? Sunday will tell the tale. This team has been on the edge of mediocrity  all season, and I have to believe it has not unfolded the way Mike Shanahan had hoped. 
They were flirting with disaster early on, and then came Detroit, where Shanahan could not wait for catastrophe to find him; he beckoned with the benching of McNabb. Did he unwittingly undermine his command in the locker room with this decision? It’s difficult to tell, but if Monday night was any indication, you have to allow it’s possible.
This is why Sunday’s game is so important. Everyone who’s been following this team, must realize by now; they are not a playoff team, but this does not mean they have to capitulate the rest of the season. Philadelphia’s internet efficiency highlighted the shortcomings of a struggling football team. But the big question, after two pitiful performances, is how will they respond in Tennessee?
Another big question, why is Albert Haynesworth still on this team? As an ex-player, what he did on Monday night is hard to overlook. It would be difficult to have him in the locker room and pretend that he wasn’t the only one that didn’t get the job done on that particular play. Jim Hasslett and Mike Shanahan know the difference between flagrant loafing and ineptitude, and Big Al is not a first time offender when it comes to quitting. What message is being sent to the other players and fans by allowing him free rein. There is something unseemly about his presence on this team after all the apparent heartburn he has caused and his latest escapade Monday night.
There is no place for Shanahan and his team to find shelter; they have been exposed for the last two games, but luckily in sports you are only one game away from relief. The Titan’s game is an opportunity for redemption -- for themselves and their fans. This is another uncertain hour for the Burgundy and Gold; McNabb has been anointed the leader, again here is another opportunity to brand yourself as ‘that guy.’ Now is the time, as Robert Service said in a poem for “men with the hearts of Vikings, and the simple faith of a child” to come to the fore.


  1. i'd rather they be men with the hearts of redskins

  2. I agree with you on Fat Albert still being on the football team! I bet if there was a buffet table in the Eagles backfield the other night Vick would have been under serious pressure from Fat Albert! His lack of effort and commitment to the team is disgusting and his Fat A$$ should have been gone long ago! Like you say, what message does this send to the team? It can't be a good one thats for sure. I couldn't play with a guy like that, not when you are supposed to be fighting for the same thing in the violent world of the NFL. A guys career could end on any one play and you have this WHALE laying in the middle of the field taking plays off! What would everyone say if Orakpo or Landry trips over him while he's "sunning" out there on the field during a play and tears a knee up? It could happen, I hope not, but what if Vick reverses field and the play swings back towards the "Beached Whale"?

  3. John that was very eloquently put. I love the way you put things into words. I loved you as a player and I love the way you still love the Redskins. I wish these new players had a passion and pride about the burgandy and gold! You have come a long way from, "Loosen up Sandy baby!" LOL


  5. The Redskins through previous Management are living proof in a competitive environment that a team is built through the draft. Look at how many drafts picks made by the Redskins are making plays on the team compared to free agents with no incentives, such as Albert Haynesworth, not making plays. The Top Contributors that make for a team, are draft picks. The Redskins need better talent scouts who will have to find talent in the late rounds. Trade the first rounder for two second rounders, yes! But know what you are drafting and build plays around the talent you do have. The GM and Coach have to get on the same page. As a fan I feel like I know the talent better than the coaches. Where is Malcome Kelley?
    Well written Riggo-another week of who wants a job next year is what I think these player need to be thinking about. Especially the O-Line.

  6. I like what you said about being one week away from redemption. The Titans certainly aren't world-beaters and they have a superstar who has been plagued by questions about his effort as well. Whoever the Titans start at QB won't be as mobile as Vick and the rush should get there, even with Fat Albert in the middle. Lost in the shuffle of Monday night's debacle is the fact the Skins still scored 28 points in a driving rain.
    I thought the Skins would be 4-4 at the break, just with different wins and losses. It will be the true test of their heart this week to see what kind of effort they give.

  7. Big Al should have been gone the instant he started whining about being able to play in a 3-4 scheme. Why do you make $100m? Please!!!! As the Motley Crue song goes "Don't go away mad, just go away".

  8. Al has been a huge money pit. His brand of stupid, souless, heartless disregard for the team is why the Titans dumped him to begin with. Unfortunately Dan is about as good at judging character as Anna Nicole Smith was at choosing doctors and friends. As long as Snyder is the fanatic leader, I have lost all hope for the Redskins future.