"Please Don't Keep Me Wonderin' No Longer"

No one knows why the Burgundy and Gold continue to play this maddening type of football, and I’m tired of pretending I do.  I would contend, the facts indicate they have not improved as much as most of the teams they have played so far this season. From what I’ve seen so far, they will not become a playoff team this year.
Seven clubs, Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Detroit have gotten better over the course of this season. Houston, Tennessee, and Minnesota are on par with Washington, and only if they were to play Tennessee again would I feel comfortable predicting a victory. How has Shanahan perfected the unusual ability to appear to be in a lot of these games, yet end up losing, or perhaps more frustrating, winning on the last play to make everybody believe they have finally put it all together? Are they on the cusp of the long awaited resurgence, or is this the same  irritating charade? 
There is no palpable offense, and although the defense has played well at times, when it positively, absolutely has to get there, they falter. The special teams are the only unit of this team that plays reasonably well. If it weren’t for Brandon Banks, what would their record be? After looking at Bank’s 77 yard punt return in slow motion, it was apparent Byron Westbrook had a hold that would have affected Banks return; it obviously was not called.
The attitude and energy they have  played with seems to be adequate most of the time. I do believe the coaches are putting in the effort, as well. What it comes down to is Shanahan. He’s in a new environment after a year layoff. He has imported his son’s offense, as well as changing the defensive front to a thirty four. He also brought in a lot of aging players, and then we hear how long it takes to perfect his brand of football on both sides of the ball. By the time they get it, won’t they be too old to contribute at the level that’s needed in the NFL?
We’re seeing more of an infusion of youth. That is good. But isn’t the only reason we’re seeing them because the older players have either been injured or just not able to play at an acceptable pace? 
Shanahan, like all of us, is not beyond self doubt; the longer his offense stays mired in ineptitude; eventually he will begin to ask himself, “Can I still coach at this level?”  His team’s play cannot be what he imagined it would be at this point of the season. There are so many questions to be asked, and we’re not the only ones with inquiring minds. Right now, he too, only has questions. It is reminiscent of Steve Spurrier after his  5-11 season, ”Not too good.”


  1. Not to good is about as accurate and politically correct as you can do in a statement about the current Redskin team.

    Puzzling is my statement regarding the entire coaching staff and the propensity they show for not being able to correct, make adjustments or to realize when something is not working..AKA THE DEFENSE. Rick Perry

  2. I agree with Rick. Why they continue to run a 34 defense with personnel that functions best in a 43 is beyond me. Obviously Hayneworth will not be here next year, you can't have your highest paid player only in for 25% of the defensive plays. I think he should stay, and Haslett should go.

  3. Is there something to be said for having veterans on the team for the younger guys to learn from? Or in your opinion is that more of a red herring?

  4. Remember the days of the third down specialists? Guys that would come in with a play designed to bring them 5 yards or more, where has this strategy gone? Back in the day, Theismann could work many third down miracles with less than five yards, simple routes that could not all be covered were on the menu. We've lost some simple techniques that could keep drives alive.

  5. I was in the player's parking lot after yesterdays game and Kyle Shanahan looked like an MMA fighter leaving a fight he just lost. I wonder what happened in that locker room or he took the loss that hard.

  6. MY dad always told me "If it's not broken don't fix it" well coach this defense needs to be fixed, it's not working. And get somebody in the backfield that can actually "run" with the ball. Iam 62 years old, been a REDSKIN fan all my life. Tired of seeing this team go backwards every year. We've had more coaches in the past 10 years than most teams have had all along.It's time to turn this team around.

  7. He [Shannahan] inhereted another persons team that was built with personel to play a diffrent offencive and deffencive scheem. 4/3 def. and I beleive a west coast offence. You ran behind an off. line that was coached by Joe Bugell and was later coached be Jim Haniffin. I would say that those are arguably two of the all time best. I think Joe Gibbs looked for players that were coachable and football smart. In the past the Redskins have been right at the top of the league in penaltys. I beleive they have improved somewhat in that regard this year but the penaltys now come in clutch situations. Extending the oppenets drives and killing theirs. The third down conversions are last in the league... Mike Sellers gets zero carries at running back? I would feed him the ball all day long and see how the oppenets deffence handles that?
    Shannahan needs to build a team that works for him and not Dan Snyders Over The Hill Gang mentality.... Sorry about my spelling..... #448, section 501 row 10 RFK, The Glory Years!! Loved being at all the palyoff games!! The seat cushion game was one of my favorites!! Gerald Riggs ran the ball right down the Falcons throat's!!