Go Young, Old Man

There’s not much left to say about the Burgundy and Gold’s season at this point; we all know the same thing. Mike Shanahan’s return to head coaching status in the NFL has not gone particularly well or as planned. What’s the saying? “Same old Jets”?

But at least the drama is gone, for now anyway. I’m not sure if the loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will become a loss that becomes an omen; the kind that sinks a team into a morass. They are "game" almost every week, and particularly after a monstrous outing. So there’s no reason to think they’re going to come unglued, but I haven't seen anything that makes me optimistic, based on the current "business model."

According to the product that Shanahan and Co. have put on the field, one could argue, they could have a worse record. And, one could argue, their record could have been better, but regardless, whether they won a few more close ones or lost them; they would not be a different team. They are a slow moving dinosaur that still has cunning and a will to survive, but one that has too few teeth to be taken seriously by it’s foes.

So, perhaps it’s better, even though more painful, this team lost this week. Because, with the quick-fix direction Shanahan and Allen have chosen, each win corroborates the misdirection that is their heading. In the new NFL, ineptitude and futility are the friends of the aged; Ashburn needs to get younger ASAP. I can only see the fortunes of Ashburn changing, when the methodology changes.

When you look at New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas, you realize pretty quickly, how far behind this franchise is to their divisional rivals. Vick, Manning, and Romo are quarterbacks that are entering their prime years, that fact alone keeps Washington in a precarious position. Unfortunately, for the Burgundy and Gold the mountain that Donavan McNabb must climb continues to grow. The question you have to ask; can McNabb get ahead of the tectonic movement? I’m not overly confident next year’s expedition that apparently will be led by McNabb will be able to get out of base camp.


  1. Riggo, It's the Devil and Daniel Snyder.

    He sold himself to the Devil to acquire the Redskins. The payback is that the Redskins will never ever win while he still owns them.

  2. Can't disagree with anything you say here, Riggo.

    I often have to remind myself that this is a team that Mike and Bruce inherited. They are doing the best with what they got. No one on the coaching staff wanted Fat Albert (Haynesworth), but they did what they could with him. I think their handling of the situation is a positive sign for the future. Now if Mike and Bruce can tolerate Snyder for a few years then we might be able to build the team.

  3. Same goes for St Louis and the team we lost to on Sunday, Tampa Bay. Time for Bruce to abandon his dad's "future is now" philosophy. Old age and treachory does not always overcome youth and skill! Time to trade some veterans and stockpile draft picks!

  4. ive been a skin fan since 5 years old im 39 now i just wish we could build a team even close to the hogs no matter what i will stick with them

  5. I agree that we need to get younger Riggo. I'll bet that Shanny and Bruce agree wholehardedly. The problem is that we havn't given them a chance to do that yet. It won't happen in 1 year with 1 draft. Especially since the previous regiems traded away all our picks. They took the only avanue available to them this year. It's going to take a Long Rebuilding Period. They are painfully aware of that.