Have Some Fruitcake

It turns out with the Burgundy and Gold’s season in the bag, they have become very difficult to follow. It’s not because Rex is the QB; they would have the same lack of sex appeal if Ole Number 5 were quarterbacking. All the new guys, who are playing as well as they can, aren’t really getting me revved up. The problem lies in the fact that with one game to play, no one knows where this team stands. They can’t travel; they have no I.D. and they appear to have no idea. This Rex Grossman nonsense is exactly that.
My suspicious mind is caused by what I saw last night in Atlanta. What a difference a QB makes. I’m not going to get all gooey, gooey like Gruden did when he referenced Drew Brees as  a “rare cowboy”, or Steve Young by saying he’s among maybe two other people in the world, who can do what he does. But those guys throwing passes last night are elite players, and their sublime play take their respective teams to their particular levels of excellence. 
Without Mr. Big Time QB, there is no system that turns sow’s ears into silk purses. Does Kyle know this? And, this in turn shows how far back the Burgundy and Gold really are in relationship to their competitors. Kyle Shanahan is the mastermind of an offense that has accomplished nothing in the big leagues, and yet his father sings the praises of his “system.”
I thought it’s the sorcerer, not the apprentice, that knows how to summon the magic. My gentle suggestion to Mike, “ Fire Kyle!” between the three of you, and this includes  Number 5.  This was botched so badly, two of you have to leave. We really don’t need the “soap opera” that comes with the father, son, head coach, offensive coordinator relationship. When I think of the machinations the two have cooked up this fall, I don’t feel particularly “Zestfully clean”.
I think Mike was let go in Denver partially because he forgot how to play defense. Didn’t he go through four or five defensive coordinators there, in the last five years or so?  If he starts right now, I’m not sure the fans will get their fruitcake by next Christmas.. 


  1. I haven't been a fan of how often the Redskins have changed head coaches in the Snyder era, but I think both father and son need to go. While perhaps not a playoff team to begin with, they have found ways to lose when they clearly had chances.

  2. Even Zorn got two seasons. Let's not fire anybody yet.

  3. The money the money earn it! Redskins need to get young blood. Look at falcons, seams to work......

  4. The Redskins are a team that shows up, they don't always show up to play. Riggo is right, the team has no ID at all. The couching staff as no mantra or philosophy either. The need to get rid of the old dead weight and accept the fact that it is rebuilding time. One or two older players isn't going to make them a good team. They have to go young and rebuild, because anyone good with any experience would not come near Snyder and is BS.

  5. So tired of losing..................

  6. Never thought it was a good idea to hire your son...there is no chance Sr. would ever get rid of Jr., no matter how bad the offense was performing. We are truly in an unenviable position with this team. I also don't think we will ever get Snyder to let his coach admit that we're in a rebuilding period; that wouldn't sell tickets or merchandise...