"Age considers; youth ventures."

Unless the Dallas Cowboys catch the lightening they were supposed to start the season with, the NFC East will be a tight race for the division lead right up to the end of the season. If that is the plight of these four teams, it speaks well for where the Burgundy and Gold find themselves. This team is trying to get younger, during the season, which is a little unorthodox, usually they push the plunger to the TNT in the off season.
But, as of this past weekend we all saw strong contributions from several players that were around at the beginning of the season, but were not prominently displayed. The players that had their “net worth” appreciate are Ryan Torain, Brandy Banks, Lorenzo Alexander, and Kory Lichtensteigher.
Now that Portis is out indefinitely, Ryan Torain will get an opportunity to “own” the running back spot. Keiland Williams will be brought up as an alternate as well as Chad Simpson. Mike Sellars is the only “old goat” left in the backfield, and he is one bad game away from being loaded into the “possum belly” (semi-trailer used for hauling livestock). 
On the offensive line Derrick Dockery has been beaten out by Korey Lichtensteiger. And, when Artis Hicks got sick last week, Will Montgomery was getting reps with the A-team. I have no idea how he graded out, but if it’s close expect to see him in the line-up presently.
Keep an eye on the receiver position. At some point in time Anthony Armstrong is going to get the nod over Galloway. Galloway can still make plays, but he’s a spot player at his age and Washington needs somebody to do the plebeian every down work.
Defensively, Lorenzo Alexander got his first start in Philly and I believe lived up to the expectations his coaches had for him before the game. He’ll only continue to improve as he starts to get acclimated to every down work.
The unique thing about this team is they have the rare opportunity to stay competitive in their division, while upgrading their talent levels with the infusion of younger players.This just may enable them to get a balloon payment at the end of the season, when the fun begins. Just between you and me, I’m wondering if this was by design, or does that other adage apply, “sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good”?


  1. Great observation on Galloway. He shouldn't be an every-down receiver. Do you think Washington should have traded a 3rd rounder for R. Moss... or would Moss even want to be here?

  2. At some point -- I'm guessing next year -- they'll have to "try to get younger" at the QB position also. McNabb reminds me of Portis just a few years ago. Unless he's another Favre, can't see too many good years left in him...

  3. McNabb has class and a lot of arm which means plenty of snaps under center. The O line is getting better and starting to jell even with the rotation of new younger talent. Soon the same will be at the QB position, new younger talent but McNabb is one of a million and a physical talent. The WR position we should be asking when is Kelly ready to come off of IR. Joey has dropped evry pass McNabb gave him in the end zone.Like I have always said, nothing good ever comes out of Dallas. Joey plaid for the Cowboys and he doesnt seem comfortable yet as a Redskin. McNabb and Sony both are QBs that came from the Eagles. Now back to the O line starting to jell and the 3-4 D, why a 3-4 D when our 4-3 was in the Top Ten.

  4. Fred Davis could play wide out, satrting in double Tight End and Fred in Motion. He is Big, fast, runs great routes, and has great hands. He and Cooley in that formation would mean a Tight End cobvering one of them. Look for that on Sunday as the coaches get to know their talent which is what happens the first year with most coaches in the NFL.
    JEA 3

  5. What about the defensive backfield? Inexperience in the positions of safety can be the detrimental to a defense. After these first few games I think this is an area that needs more experience rather than less. My second observation is conference play seems to be stronger right now than non-conference opponents. Thus insuring a post season life other than a wild card slot.