The Men Who Don't Fit In

I’ve got a couple of scenarios in mind for this week’s big game in Philly. They’re not particularly sexy, but I’ve narrowed the possibilities to a couple of options. One is the Eagles winning big, and two would be the Burgundy and Gold nipping the Eagles in a close one.
Scenario one seems like such an easy choice, as they used to say in those old oaters, “It’s quiet, it’s too quiet.” And of course no sooner after someone said this, a flaming arrow would fly into the fort and it would soon be overrun. For this reason I don’t think the first choice is the right choice. 
Scenario two seems much more likely to happen. Washington is coming off a humiliating loss.  Shanahan’s medicine seemed weak against a weak opponent.  My perception is his command of his team’s future took a hit, at the same time, Sunday by the Eagles, his grip will become more tenuous, as people start getting apprehensive.
This in turn gets us to the outcome of the game. Shanahan’s team cannot afford to get drilled at the hands of Philadephia; he knows this. His team will be in playoff mode; they shall be focused and ready to play. This will be a close game and it could go either way, but at least this week the fans won’t have to worry about the decision that brought Shanny here. And if I may borrow a stanza from Robert Service’s-- “The Men Who Don’t Fit In.” 
If they just went straight, they might go far;
They are strong and brave and true;
But they are always tired of the things that are,
And they want the strange and new.
They say “if I could find my proper groove,
What a deep mark I would make!”
So they chop and change, and each fresh move,
Is only a fresh mistake.
Of course, keep in mind, the first scenario is not an impossibility!


  1. I like the second choice. This team is better than last week.

  2. Second choice please Shanny!

  3. I think if the Shanahans don't take Clinton Portis out in the 2nd half when he accumulates 45 yards in the 1st half, the second scenario is much more likely. Hail Skins!

  4. As long as they play their hardest...........and give us a good game--I will be happy----I don't think we will ever see the Redskins as they were in the "Hog" days.........to be honest not much in this present world is as pleasant as it was then.

  5. Orakpo = Fear

    Thanks for this post John.

    Brad T.

  6. I will root for them if they don't score a point!But I will be pissed, we need Riggo to join Sonny & Sam . Not sure if Danny boy would agree..Hail Skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Its easy: Whatever snyder does will be wrong

  8. The secondary, special teams, Shanny, and McNabbs long bombs, Portis, the O-line blocking for running backs, the ability to make tackles before the first down marker, and the play calling are all on trial. This game will really decide the season because so much is just effed up right now. Its time for a reality check to see if these skins have the balls to really put their personal lives second place to all but God; as Gibbs did during his first stent. No more AH BS. Its effing time these boys grow up and stop thinking about money and individualism and start playing the game like Sean Taylor did. Damn I know many will toss these thoughts out the window, but if they only cared and each member becomes part of a truly unified tight knit machine (without any individual exception/excuse/panty waste); as an entire team more like the teams of years ago; if they wanted it so bad they put every moment of spare time into becoming better and closer as a team - then they could beat any team anytime. Some want it really bad; but too many half assed runs, tackles, passes, blown coverage and little boys pouting on the sidelines with towels on their heads or standing away from the rest of the d-line because feelings are hurt. The Skins could win this year, many games, if they only LIVED BREATHED SWEATED and BLED like legends. Not spoiled panty wastes.

  9. I like Shanahan's style, but I'm not sure his efforts will be enough to compete in the Division this year -maybe not even next year. The whole attitude of the front office needs to change before success can be achieved. Just Win Baby Win -forget about what is said and play the game. Close out the lesser teams like St. Louis when there is a more than adequate lead. Compete hard and give your team a chance against strong division teams like Philly... good luck Skins and don't let Danny bring you down again this year!