Is this an Unfinished Symphony?

It’s pretty obvious by now to most NFL fans this is morphing into a “leap” year in the league. With several divisions in both conferences knotted extremely even, now is the time for the Burgundy and Gold to make their statement. They have eked out three victories; they have also eked out two losses. Could Sunday night be the night, they actually begin the march back to prominence? Why not?
Indianapolis has the same record as Washington, which doesn’t really tell a tale, other than to indicate they are not the juggernaut most people thought they would be. Last week Kansas City pushed them to a tie through three quarters at nine a piece. The Colts went on to score ten in the fourth to win it 19-9.
There were several interesting factors about this game. One, the Chiefs had a back that ran for 87 yards, not three digits, but something worth noting. Washington should be able to get a similar amount of rushing yardage out of Ryan Torain or perhaps a break out game by him. The good news is; Trent Williams looks like he’s a go along with Jamal Brown. I know the Chiefs have a dominant O-line, but Indy is soft against the run.

With the Chiefs and Matt Cassel in their second year with Todd Haley’s offense, they still did not give up any sacks against the Colts. Will Washington be able to duplicate that? Probably not, that’s why it’s so important for Torain to get seriously involved in this game.
Offensively, we all know what Indianapolis is capable of doing, but once again the Chiefs held the Colts offense to one TD, and it was a rushing TD; Indianapolis had to kick four field goals against KC, all the while the Colts were play at home. Jim Hasslett has been doing an excellent job of camouflaging his coverages and blitzes; he now faces the master of intrigue. This could be good.
Now will the team get an emotional boost? Perhaps? Russ Grimm will be getting his Hall of Fame ring presented to him by Joe Bugel at half time. There will, also, be an introduction of former players prior to kick off. Will the presence of Grimm and his band of merry Hogs, not to mention the other Old Timers, inspire the guys wearing the silks? Maybe, maybe not, but they shall surely inspire some people, and that very well could be the VIPs at the game, the fans.
After this week will this team remain a mirage, or will the followers of the Burgundy and Gold start to see the incarnation of the future? It seems to me there’s more going on here than another football game and it’s important for the players to go into this game, not hoping to play well, but expecting to win. 


  1. I agree John: Two keys to this game, turnovers and the running game which if we have the stronger running game keeps thier offense on the bench. I want to see the Redskins open up thier offense and use the two tight end formation. Both tight ends can catch and run down field. This would also help the running game.

  2. This game will go a long way in really seeing if they have accepted the new psyche of expecting to win, rather then the old way of , "Here we go again" Ball control will be needed to keep Manning's offense off the field and our defense well rested.

  3. Good stuff.

    Mr. Riggins, when you get the chance I'd love to hear you elaborate more on your view of Kyle Shanahan. Hail.

    (FYI....The 09 is for Sonny, but my jersey reads 44. Just sayin'.)

  4. "Now will the team get an emotional boost? Perhaps? Russ Grimm will be getting his Hall of Fame ring presented to him by Joe Bugel at half time."


    I'll say I got a heck of a boost seeing Riggo at halftime back in 1990. Riggins looked good enough that I was ready to have them sign him right back to the team for the second half. I vaguely recall that they were losing at the half (?) and ended up winning the game. Seems like they made the playoffs -- and did okay the next season too.

    (Not sure if a full uniform would be as impressive a choice for Grimm, but he's got a few more years on him.)

  5. John, the presence of the Hogs, and Joe Bugel would inspire anyone, but if you were going to be there, imagine how inspiring THAT would be?? Oh, yeah!