Shanny Ball

Last week’s big win in Chicago keeps this juggernaut of a team steaming toward the playoffs and beyond. They are now starting to understand all the systems that Coach Shanahan is employing, both offensively and defensively, and we are seeing the impressive results. Haters and non believers stand back; this team is bound for glory. Hip, hip hoorah! Hip, hip, hoorah! Heed not the stat sheet, stats are for losers. Focus only on the win column.
With the game in Detroit approximately 48 hours away. I feel a total calm coming over me, because I now understand Shanny’s Way. He is the master of deception; while we're focusing on Big Al, Shanny is sliding a Ryan Torain through waivers unnoticed by the public and his competition. We think he’s got some holes in his offensive line; he platoons them, an ingenius first. We think Big Al and him have a game of one-upmanship going; he’s merely creating a diversion, so it goes unnoticed that they’re not really playing a 34 defense, but rather a 43. The clincher for me was the INT for a TD last week that Donnie Mac threw, a game changer, but to have so subtly went for the delay of game penalty. Wow! That crushed the Bears spirit.  How does he do it? I don’t know. What makes him so good?
He ain’t got no distractions
Can’t hear our shouts and yells
Don’t see the cameras flashin”
Coaches by sense of smell
Always saves the day 
Never panics at all
That short, black-haired, mad guy
Sure plays a mean football.
Forget what good football looks like, it’s actually an endangered species this year in the NFL, but rather focus on Shanny Ball. He’s a world-class illusionist, and I can hardly wait for Sunday’s show to begin.


  1. The more he wins, the better it will look!

  2. I think you're coming around Riggo!! The lyrics are great too!

  3. Well worth the wait, through the trials and misfires of a decade plus; has been made easier with the mishaps of Andy and Wade this season. Again, thank you for MacNabb Eagles....

  4. I would rather win ugly than lose pretty...

  5. Is this Riggo's way of saying that he thinks Shanahan can't coach? It's not like the guy did not win 2 superbowls, go to the playoffs numerous times, and take a 4-12 team and make them 4-3 the next year. Let's give him a chance to improve this team.

  6. The o line MUST give DONNIE MORE time,and keep the defense on their heels,play calling gets easy to call throw on first down,skins defense can hold or stop a train.

  7. George Bush and Mike Shanahan are becoming very similar in their decision making abilities. LOL I HOPE WE PICK UP MOSS!!!!