Hey Mike, That's Opportunity at the Door

It's a winnable game this week in Chicago, and opportunity beckons. This is the exact kind of game, where it's possible to get out the yardstick. Win and momentum builds as the season moves forward; lose and, depending what everybody in your division did, you go to the back of the line. There are some compelling match ups going into this game.
Jamal Brown will earn his keep this weekend if he stones Julius Peppers at the gate. Peppers had a so so game last week against Seattle; he should be more motivated this weekend, which will give Brown a good idea where he is with his contributions to the team. The Shanahans will have to figure out a way to help him if Peppers starts to get out of control. Keep in mind, when Washington rolls the pocket to the edge, it goes to Brown's side. I'm afraid I'd give the edge to Orange Julius.
The best help Brown could get, would be a Herculean workload from Rhino Ryno. He demonstrated last week against the Colts, he can take some lead and still punish his antagonists. He needs around 30 carries to level the playing field of the pass rush.
Defensively, this should be a laugher, when the Bears try to pass. They have shown consistently that they don't have the remotest idea how to protect Cutler. Not only is their personel's talent in question, but they also lack a fundamental ability to comprehend the scheme. Haslett should call in the mortar strikes early and keep the rounds coming, Cutler will only be able to handle so much. Washington's defense will have to be cautious not to venture into the DMZ, when pursuing Cutler or one of his targets.
Danny Smith's guys will also get to measure how effective they are versus Devin Hester. Conventional thinking says kick away from him, but that old saying "to be the best, you have to beat the best" rings in my ears. I say go after him, but then again I'll be observing through heavy lenses, so it's easy for me to say.

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